5 Reasons Why Your SEO Strategy fall

May 6, 2022 0 Comments

Search Engine Optimization is one of the effective strategies to get organic results. If you are a digital marketer, webmaster, or SEO professional then it is your responsibility to optimize the search engine results for your site.

If currently experiencing negative results from an optimization campaign there could be several reasons why this has happened, here are the reasons that you have to avoid it.

1. Using Outdated Strategies

Google and there are some search engines that many people widely use and they frequently update the algorithms so the SEO changes.

Thus, if your site isn't working well enough for you, then the strategies in your site are outdated and you have to update them according to the latest algorithms. The following are some examples of outdated SEO strategies.

Keyword Stuffing

Stuffing lots of keywords in your content is outdated and it won't work now. It is bad for your content that repeatedly includes the keyword on a page without being used in a useful context. Moreover, it may lead you to pay a google penalty.

Long-Tail Keywords

If you want to rank the long-tail keywords and create many small pages, then it will crush your site. It is better to use the skyscraper technique for getting high-ranking content with many quality backlinks.

2. Poor User Experience of your Website

SEO is not only about on-page tricks and inbound links. You also have to gain the attention of the customers who visit your website.

If your SEO is falling down, then you have to check the dwell time of your site.

If the average customer of your website spends 10 minutes on your website, your site will have higher rankings when compared to the competitor whose audience stays 10 seconds.

You can do this with smart design techniques and careful attention to navigation, content organization or even social media integration that will help create an experience where users stay longer on the site without getting bored easily!

Here are some of the techniques to increase the UX of your website.

Improve the speed of the website
Optimize your headings
Use media

3. Tracking Wrong Rankings

If your website is very old and your keywords are not relevant to the current industry. You have to research many keywords and compare them with your google search console data.

The search engine receives there are plenty of variations in the same keyword and there is no solution to this problem. Many people use their natural language to find results on google.

Thus, the search engine takes this phenomenon in the recent update. Google ranks the websites based on the complete content of the natural language instead of focusing on a few keywords.

Therefore, if you've old keywords, then you're tracking the traffic of wrong keywords and you have to update your tricks.

4. Competitors' Improvements

If you've done all the possible strategies for your website and still didn't get high traffic and improvement in rankings, then you have a huge competition.

Your competitor is doing something better than you. Thus, you have to always monitor your competitors and analyze their strategies such as content marketing, link building, social media usage, etc. There are several tools available to monitor the competitor sites.

5. Server Issues

If you find that your site is encountering a server issue, then it might affect the result of your SEO. It is not easy to solve the server issues quickly.